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We Love our Culture

We aim to maintain a culture of empowering people. The way we do this, changes on an individual basis. Fundamentally we want to find the strengths and drives of each individual, then build around their unique individual traits. This allows us to build dynamic teams with roles that overlap - as the goal is to create a culture of powerful problem-solvers, not just an organisation with a corporate structure forcing individuals into a mould.


Why We Love How We Work

We've created a Hybrid of a Remote Lifestyle. Where our staff are able to work in the office or from home. Our aim is to continue our expansion around the world being led by our Durban and London branches.


Andrew - CEO

I love the idea of automation and building constant momentum towards outrageously tough KPIs. Connect on LinkedIn

Dewan - MD

I excel in building long lasting client relationships and am strategic in my thinking and execution. Connect on LinkedIn

Ashley - CFO

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Jess - Analytics

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Brendan - CS

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Calin - Paid Media

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Greg - Engineering

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