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Is Your Agency Truly Being Transparent?

Have they said the following?

  • Due to the rise in competition you just need to spend more.
  • You need a super expensive audit before we’ll take on your account.
  • The management fee is greater than 15% of spend!
  • You need to spend more to lower your Cost Per Conversion (CPC).
  • Every month your budget needs to increase to keep your ads showing.

Well, it’s time to get #Audited!

Finally Focus on Your Business Goals

Why Choose Kaomi?

  • Ensure that your monthly budget gets as many conversions as possible.
  • Optimise towards higher value keywords.
  • Finally get a simple call tracking solution.
  • Receive honest feedback and experienced insights.
  • Get the attention your account actually needs.

Partner with Our Specialist Team

Let us Turn your bad experiences into a good story

  • Years of international experience.
  • Marketing specialists with blue-chip experience.
  • More than certified team in all forms of Google Adwords:
    • Search
    • Display
    • Shopping
    • App Engagement
  • Reduce inflated fees
  • Inflated agencies fees
  • Remove pointless additional bid management software fees
  • Experience the power of niche specialists in Google Adwords.
    • Get highly tailored campaigns designed specially for your business.
    • Avoid being a number and simply following best practice.
    • Get automation that understands your business goals.
  • Receive some serious ROI.
    • Give us some seriously tight targets and we’ll do everything we can to get you there.
    • Scale your account only when we can maintain your target CPC.